Energy Efficiency Savings

When you're looking to select a new heating system, one of the most important factors is the efficiency of the system. A more efficient system will save you on your energy bills year after year, as well as help the environment.

Efficiency Savings


The latest air conditioning systems are much more efficient than their predecessors. High technology 96.7% AFUE systems are considerably more efficient than the 60%-70% efficient systems from a few years ago, requiring a much lower amount of energy expenditure to produce the same amount of heating. Variable speed systems can also save energy by not having to have the system run at full power in order to provide sufficient heat. Precision Heating can help with an energy assessment of your current heating and cooling set up.

Latest Technology


Hybrid systems can help lower your heating bills by having two sources of heat. One part is your traditional furnace for the coldest weather, however during more mild weather these systems can make use of heat pump energy from the warmth in the air, heated by the sun as a much more efficient option. Read more about hybrid heating here.


Professional installation from HVAC experts such as Precision Heating are necessary to realize the efficiency savings of a system. Each system has to be rated correctly, planned, positioned, matched with the correct air handler, have quality duct work, and have the correct airflow to gain the optimal efficiency.


As with cars, your air conditioning benefits from regular maintenance checks to ensure reliability and energy efficiency.


Rated by the EPA as one of the simplest ways to save on your energy bills, a digital programmable thermostat upgrade can help with more efficient control of your system. For example if you're at work all day and the house is unoccupied, your system need not be left on so that the home is comfortable when you return - it can be programmed to come on later in the day.


Zoning your home into different zones means that different areas can have different temperatures and heating requirements. This can not only mean more personalized home comfort, but it can also help save energy because unoccupied parts of the home can be set to use less cooling. Read more about home zoning here.

For help with answering all of your heating energy efficiency needs and questions, call and speak with an expert from Precision Heating today.

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