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Home Zoning


The entire heating and cooling comfort is set from a single thermostat that controls the temperature across the whole home. However the natural thermal qualities of warm or cool air, along with other factors such as drafts, large windows, or sunshine on one side of the house can mean the heat is uneven.

Zoning enables you to split your home into multiple home comfort zones and set the temperature in each area independently of the other. There are multiple benefits:

  • The ultimate in personal comfort, everyone can set the temperature to their own comfort level when in different areas.
  • Choose the zones to meet your exact needs and specifications.
  • Save energy by not heating unused or rarely used areas of the home such as guest bedrooms.
  • Home zoning works with your existing heating system and duct work.
  • Solve hot and cool spots in the home.

Precision Heating has been the trusted choice for heating and home zoning upgrades and installations for over 40 years, and our fully licensed and experienced team can help you with a free no obligation estimate on improving your home comfort and saving on your energy needs.

For all your home zoning questions and needs across the Denver and Boulder regions call and speak with Precision Heating today.

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